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Advancing Christ's Light in Prisons

CLI Has Staff Opportunities

CLI is seeking a full time Shipping Coordinator. The Shipping Coordinator will ensure Christian books and materials are received, processed properly and shipped to prisons. More details here

CLI is also seeking a full time Development Coordinator who will head up all fundraising and development activities. More details here

CLI is seeking a full time Administrative Assistant to oversee CLI office duties.  More details here

 Prayer at the Prison Gate

The 2014 CLI Prayer at the Prison Gate will take place on Saturday, December 6th.

Christmas is a sweet time to celebrate Jesus and offer up our spiritual sacrifices. Prayer is a prime and powerful offering acceptable to God. Sacrifice an hour this year and join us in praying for the imprisoned. God is looking for you to intercede (Isaiah 59:16; Ezekiel 22:30).

Locate a prison, jail or detention center near you and plan to pray outside the gates. Be respectful of rules and regulations. Your city or town may require a permit to gather on public grounds. In Raleigh it is “Special Operations and Parades.” CLI will have permits for certain Raleigh area prisons.

Not only will we be praying on the outside, but inmates will be praying on the inside. Here are a few excerpts from letters we received last year:

“I will be praying and standing in agreement with you believing that the Light of Jesus Christ will shine in every prison and jail across this nation.” Robert, CA

“Some of my friends and I shall join you here on the prison campus to pray with the rest of you on the appointed day. I pray that heaven will join us to pray for a revival in all prisons world wide as we continue to gain more ground for Jesus Christ our Lord.” Monsura, NC

“I will be praying with you from the inside and I know God will hear and answer our prayers according to His will and timing. Amen.” Larry, IL

Please let us know where you will be joining us in December. We want to offer thanks to God for your “standing in the gap” for the imprisoned.

CLI Has Volunteer Opportunities

CLI has multiple volunteer opportunities. At the top of the list are group opportunities at CLI and at our warehouse in Fuquay Varina.  This is a chance to bring your youth group or Sunday school class and help stamp and pack books for the prisons. Volunteer your group by calling our office, 919-212-8122 and speaking with Jeremy.

For individuals, we have another volunteer opportunity!  Due to the popularity of the CLI Leadership Bible study in the prisons, we are seeking additional volunteers to review the lessons.

Over 6,000 inmates have enrolled. About 1,000 are currently active, plus we are receiving about 50 NEW applications per week. We need your help!

Here are several options:
     1. Review lessons at the CLI office in Raleigh
     2. Review 2-5 lessons per week at home
     3. Volunteer as a group, working together. This is ideal for a Bible study group.

CLI has the correct answers listed on our website, although many answers are personal or subjective. You will be inspired as you meet new Christians on fire for the Lord!

To volunteer, please fill out the CLI Volunteer Application and email it to Jeremy at He will schedule a time for your training.  Remember, this is a virtual opportunity. We currently have volunteers scattered all over the US. Many volunteer right in their own homes.

Text a Donation to CLI!

You can make a text donation right now! CLI is testing a new text to donater service! Simply text the amount, in this case 25, to the phone number above. You will get a return text confirming and asking for the credit card you will use.

It's quick, simple and easy! Try it!

CLI Has Two Key Ministries

1. Distribute Christian Books and Bibles to US Prisons

The mission of CLI is to advance Christ's light in prisons. Since its founding in 1996, CLI has helped thousands of incarcerated men and women find new hope in the healing powers of Christ. We do this by collecting and distributing used Christian books and Bibles to over 1,000 prisons in all 50 states.

2. Disciple Inmates in US Prisons

Since we stamp every book with our address, CLI receives thousands of letters and enrollments in the CLI Leadership Bible Study. This 15 lesson study is designed to lead inmates to Christ and enrich their prayer life and Christian walk.

Our success depends on the prayers and the partnership and generosity of individual donors as well as local churches, foundations and Christian publishers. To learn more about how you or your church can help CLI to reach more prisoners for Christ, Click Here.

Confidence That You Will Be
With God in Heaven

Do you have confidence that you will be with God in heaven? Wouldn't you like to be sure? Please look over this document about assurance of your salvation. Click Here

Inmate Testimonies from September 2014

“I would like to thank you for providing these study aids to help in our walk in Christ and coming to know him better. May God continue to bless your ministry with staff, volunteers, and family members. Those who take the time to grade and answer our studies are very appreciated as they continue to do God’s work.” Inmate Joe, Lynaugh Unit, Fort Stockton, TX

“Thank you for the love you have been showing me. I love your Bible studies. Thank you for your prayers to God for me. I will be praying for you, too.” Inmate Ira, Wakulla C.I., FL




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